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JackpotCity Online Casino's friendly support team is ready to assist 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Contact us whenever, wherever and whatever your need via one of the following:

Phone Support

Country/Region Contact Number
Argentina 0800-666-2259
Australia 1-800-184-530
Austria 080-0070-6172
Brazil 00-4480-0051-6785
Canada (English) 00187-7710-8016
Chile 123-0020-6984
Cyprus 008009-6999
Finland 9-9080-0238-78669
French Speaking Countries 00-4480-8238-9888
Germany 080-0724-3510
Greece 0080-0161-2205-3499
Japan 0066-3381-2908
Latvia 00-800-2387-8669
Luxembourg (French) 800-2387-8669
New Zealand 0800-48-0405
Norway 8001-8249
Polish 00-800-111-4943
Rest of World 00-4480-0051-6785
Russian 810-800-2111-2012
Sweden 02-0088-0157
Switzerland (French) 08-0083-6638
Switzerland (German) 08-0000-1662
Uruguay 800-666-2259

Please note that calls to toll free numbers from a landline are free, but calls from a mobile phone may be charged at standard operator rates. Please consult with your mobile service provider for details.