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Exceptional Online Video Poker at JackpotCity

Poker is widely regarded as the ultimate card game, and slots as the ultimate instant-action games. Video Poker brings a lot of the best elements of both together; it’s simpler than Poker but more strategically complex than slots.

Created in 1979, Video Poker took advantage of new screen and CPU technology to create simple and dynamic games with video animations. Online games have proven equally popular, and you can play them whenever you like from the comfort of your own home.

The best examples of online Video Poker games are powered by legendary Microgaming software, and the best place to experience them in Canada is at JackpotCity Casino! Play for free or real money, and relax or win big with the best.

Video Poker Basics for Beginners

Playing Poker is complicated for many reasons, including the fact that you need to read the behaviour of other players and make several moves in different stages of each round. Video Poker does away with a lot of this; all the action takes place at once but Poker hand rankings are used, so you need to strategize and grow accustomed to these, which can then help your table games.

The best hand in a Poker game that is still in at the end is the one that wins, and in Video Poker the objective is to build the best hand that you can according to the same strict ranking system that the card game uses.

You begin by placing a bet of up to 5 coins and are then dealt 5 cards from a single deck. You can choose to replace as many or as few cards from the hand of 5, getting new cards from the same deck, as you like but you need to do it all at once. You do this by clicking on the cards that you want to hold, and then clicking on the Draw button.

There are strategy charts to show you which cards to keep and which to exchange in every possible situation which can be very useful, especially when you are starting to play. Once your hand is set the round ends, and you are paid out according to how much you bet and what your final cards are. And that’s it!

Huge Video Poker Selection to Choose From


When a game is as popular as Video Poker is, several different editions arise over time. That’s what has happened here, and you can choose from a great range of them with us. There are multi-hand versions when you feel like even more challenge and potential rewards too, and Aces and Faces, Deuces Wild and Double Double Bonus Poker are just some of the titles that you can choose from.

Different Video Poker games are more and less challenging, so choose the ones that suit whatever mood you are currently in. Check the theoretical Return to Player percentage, to get an idea of how easy or difficult it is to win a game. Practice them all in the free mode at JackpotCity, of course, before you risk any of your own hard-earned greenbacks.

Ready for Big Adventures?


If you want to inject some easy thrills into your casino time, Video Poker is the perfect way to do so! Start playing by logging into your JackpotCity account, or opening a new account if you are starting at JackpotCity for the first time.

Use any of our convenient deposit methods if you want to play Video Poker for real money, and you could be winning big in no time at all. Or, get used to the games a little more slowly, with the no-deposit games. Go at the pace you are happy with and discover the best online Video Poker and casino games in all of Canada!