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Discover Ireland’s Best Quality Online Roulette

Invented 300 years ago, Roulette spread from France to delight players around the world, Ireland included. The game is sleek, sexy, and always entertaining, and you can experience the best it has to offer right here at JackpotCity.

Powered by Microgaming, an award-winning software provider, our casino is the home of quality Online Roulette. All the famous variations are well-represented, and you can find editions of the game that pack in more action than you would find within four walls.

Whenever you log on, premium online and even live dealer tables are waiting for you. Place real money inside and outside bets using your computer or your Android, iOS or tablet.

Play Online Roulette with Ease

Among the legends associated with Roulette are those of Charles Wells breaking the bank at Monte Carlo, and a casino owner who bargained with the devil to obtain the secrets of the famous wheel.

With such legends attached to the game, some Irish players might think that it must be incredibly complicated. We are happy to let you know that Online Roulette is incredibly simple.

Microgaming’s state-of the-art software makes it even easier. The interface has been laid out for intuitive navigation, so you can set bet size, place bets, spin the wheel, and access other settings with just a click or a tap. Helpful hints and tips, as well as the rules of the game, are also on hand to ensure you can start playing easily.

Place Online Roulette Bets at JackpotCity


Online Roulette is down to pure chance, and all you have to do to play it is bet on a number or a colour. The game is simple, satisfying, and potentially very rewarding.

The winning results are determined by a small ball that is dropped into a spinning wheel with red, black, and green numbered pockets. The red and black pockets are numbered between 1 and 36, and the green pockets, of which there may be one or two, are numbered 0 and 00.

Select your chips and put them in an area on the betting track on the table. In most European and American Online Roulette games, the table features only one track. In French Roulette games, the table features two tracks; the smaller of the two featuring special bets.

The bets on the outer edge are outside bets such as Odd or Even, and Red or Black. Those on the inner edge are the more specific inside bets.

Click or tap the Play button when you have placed your bets, and watch the wheel spin! You will know if you have won as soon as the wheel stops spinning.

The Secrets of Successful Online Roulette


Use JackpotCity’s tips and tricks when you play Ireland’s top Online Roulette, and you could improve your chances of winning. Above all, remember to have fun.

Play Online Roulette at JackpotCity


Immerse yourself in Ireland’s finest Online Roulette, and enjoy non-stop action at JackpotCity! Feel the rush of games such as: