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JackpotCity’s Incredible Mobile Roulette

Roulette has long been considered one of the most refined and sophisticated casino games in the world. Online games have proven to be just as popular as land-based games have always been, and mobile games are just as much of a hit as online games.

The huge range of outcomes in Roulette games, coupled with their simple structure, makes them easy to learn but almost impossible to stop playing. Luckily, with the great range of mobile Roulette games at JackpotCity Casino, you don’t have to!

Getting to Grips with Mobile Roulette

Our mobile Roulette games work in exactly the same way as our online Roulette games do, and Microgaming also developed them so you know you can expect nothing but the best quality. Ultra-realistic graphics, sounds and animations will make you feel like you’re seated at a real-life Roulette table every time you play.

The objective in any game of Roulette is to bet on where a ball will land when it is dropped onto a spinning wheel, and the wheel comes to rest. The spinning wheel is simulated with superb animations and guaranteed Random Number Generation at JackpotCity. It’s much faster than land-based games, so you can maximise your winning opportunities even when you can only squeeze a few moments of play in.

The Roulette wheel itself is divided into 36 panels, each with a number from 1 to 36, and alternately coloured in red and black. It also has a green panel that is numbered 0, and American Roulette games have a second green panel numbered 00. Our mobile Roulette software has the equipment shown in a single large frame, with the game buttons and virtual chips lined up along the bottom of the screen.

You place your bet by moving your virtual chips to the correct area on the Roulette table, and doing so with a touchscreen can make the mobile games feel even more authentic than the online games that use a cursor and a mouse.

Different Mobile Roulette Bets


You can place a wide variety of bets in Roulette, and they are all marked out on the Roulette table. This has 2 sections: an outside perimeter of betting options, and bets that are shown on the inside of the table. This has led to Roulette wagers often being classified as Outside and Inside Bets.

Outside Bets are much easier to win than Inside Bets, since they are much more general and they have almost a 50-50 chance of being right. The 3 types of Outside Bets are:

It’s also possible to place multiple Outside Bets. We recommend starting with single Outside Bets, progressing to multiple Outside Bets and then trying the more complex Inside Bets. The Inside Bets all allow you to bet on the ball landing within certain ranges of numbers, which get increasingly specific until you are betting on the exact number of the panel that the ball will land in.

The more exact your bet is, the greater the odds and the greater the potential payout; higher risk means higher reward in Roulette. Unless you have specifically bet on the 0 or 00 panel, if the ball lands there you lose automatically. This increases the House Edge, and in American games it is much higher than in European or French games because of the extra green panel. That’s why our other suggestion for new players is to start out with European or French games and then move on to American games.

The Best Mobile Roulette for Everyone


No matter what handset and operating system you use, Microgaming’s strong software means you’ll always have seamless functionality and crisp graphics. Play how you want to play, for free or real money, on a download or through your web browser. Whatever works, we can make it happen and deliver great online Roulette experiences straight to your mobile!