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At JackpotCity Casino you can access and play all your favourite card and table games for real money at home, or on the go. This includes games like Roulette, Blackjack, Craps, Baccarat and of course Poker. While table Poker is certainly very popular, most players want the convenience and easy winning opportunities of online Video Poker. Unlike many other card and table games, Video Poker combines the convenience of electronic games with the strategy and skill of table Poker into a simple, fun and exciting casino game.

Play Video Poker Online

Like slots, online Video Poker is played directly against the machine, which means that you can log on at any time and start playing. If you have never played Video Poker before, there are a few differences between the table game and the electronic game. In regular Poker for example, you are playing against other players and competing for a central pot. In Video Poker, you are essentially playing against the dealer/computer. Because there are no other players to compete against, the type of strategy used in Video Poker is different.

Difference Between Video Poker and Table Poker


In table Poker, a good strategy usually involves out-betting or bluffing your opponents. Even if you are holding a pair of sixes, you might just be able to win the round if you have the confidence and chips to back you up. With online Video Poker, there is only one way to win a round; and that is to create a winning Poker hand. In most online Video Poker games, the minimum winning hand is a pair of Jacks. Anything lower than a pair of Jacks will result in you losing your bet. Video Poker strategies revolve around creating the best possible hand to maximise your payout on each round.

The Game Setup


The setup for a game of online Video Poker is easy to understand. A standard game consists of a single screen where the game buttons are situated at the bottom of the screen, the cards in the middle and the Video Poker paytable situated at the top of the screen. The most popular Video Poker game played online is Jacks or Better. In this game, a minimum winning hand is a pair of Jacks. There are however many different variations of Video Poker including 10’s or Better, Joker Poker, Double Double Poker, Aces and Faces and many more.

Choosing Your Bet


With online Video Poker, you start the game by placing your bet. Most games give you the option of betting from 1 coin up to 5 coins per hand. Like slots, the more coins you bet per round, the higher the payouts for each winning combination. If you are aiming to achieve the maximum payout, you should look at playing all 5 coins on every round. Once you have set your bet, you can then click on the deal button. The dealer/computer will then deal you five cards. The rules of Video Poker are based around the game of 5-card draw.

The aim here is to create the highest possible poker hand by keeping or discarding cards in the first deal. After the first deal has been made, you can decide which cards you want to hold in place and which cards you want to replace. You can hold a card by clicking on the card itself.

Video Poker Strategies


Deciding which card to keep and which to discard is where most Video Poker strategies come into play.

Once you have made your decision, you can click on the draw button. The dealer will then replace the discarded cards with new cards from the deck. At this point, the game will automatically determine if you have a winning hand and will pay out according to the number of coins bet and the strength of your hand.

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